Cyber Liability & Cyber Breach Insurance

One of the fastest growing threats to small and mid-sized companies is a breach or an attack on the data and systems that we use everyday.  With the growth of cloud based IT infrastructure and mobility in small business, cyber liability and data breach exposures have become a real, and expensive threat.

Cyber-related risks can include processing credit card transactions, storing payment information, network or cloud based storage of employee or customer information, and the storage of any proprietary information.

Cyber Liability Insurance can help protect against losses and costs related to lawsuits, regulatory claims, investigation, repair, and notification and identity protection to employees or customers who may be at risk.

At Peak47, we pride ourselves on being Cyber Liability experts, and we want to help your business succeed  by protecting you against a cyber breach.  While Cyber Liability Insurance can help protect exposures from cyber attacks, a sound cyber risk management strategy can mitigate those exposures ahead of time.

For more information on how we can help protect your business related to Cyber Liability, please contact us today.


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