Career Opportunities

We are on the lookout for people longing for meaningful work who desire to make a positive difference in the lives of our clients.  Contact us today to find out if you have what it takes to begin your adventure with Peak47.  Complete cover letters are appreciated with any resumes sent for open positions.  Interest can be submitted via email to:

Couple Of Things About Us:

  • We value family first. Every person we work with is part of our Peak47 family.  As such, we place a huge emphasis on making family a priority.  Things like flexible schedules and remote work environments help us give each other time for our families when we need it the most.
  • We value having fun and being different. We believe that true satisfaction in life comes from working hard at something, but that the environment we work in should be enjoyable.  We want our people to have a great sense of humor, our music to be pleasant and upbeat, our dress code to be smart casual, and our coffee to be hot.  Actually, never mind.  We’ll take coffee however we can get it.
  • We value a flexible work environment. Ever thought about working from home?  Come make it happen here!

Who We Look For:

  • We want to work with people who are positively emphatic about positively helping people in a positive way.
    • Nope – not a typo. Maybe grammatically incorrect?  We’ll take that chance.  Point being we want people who bring a positive and energetic attitude to their work every day.  Our clients allow us a great opportunity to create a positive impact on their lives.  We want someone who can handle that challenge with enthusiasm, appreciation, and optimism.  We want someone excited about exceeding our clients’ expectations whenever possible.
  • Excellent communicator
    • Insurance is complicated stuff. However, an insurance policy can be one of the most important contracts that our clients enter into during their lifetimes.  We are looking for someone who can help our clients navigate an insurance policy in a way that is meaningful to them.
  • Willingness to learn
    • We believe that if we are truly dedicated to our craft, we never stop learning about it. There is always something that we can learn, and we place a high amount of value on a colleague’s willingness to admit that they might not know the answer to some of our customers’ questions.  Even more importantly, we value the initiative it takes to go out and find that answer.
  • Entrepreneurial mindset towards responsibility
    • While our firm has been around for a while, we still operate with an entrepreneurial mindset. This means that while everyone has specific roles, job duties, and responsibilities, everyone is responsible for owning our relationship with our customers and making sure we exceed our customers’ expectations – all of the time.  We are looking for someone who takes ownership of anything that might come their way, and does their best to exceed expectations.


Available Positions:

We are not hiring at this time.  Sorry!  Please check back soon.


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