Our Story

Peak47, Inc. is an independent insurance brokerage and consulting firm dedicated to providing our clients with peace of mind.

The work we do is in the areas of:

Property and casualty insurance.

Group health insurance and employee benefits.

Consulting in the areas of employee engagement and customer engagement design.


Our story:

In 2012, after graduating with MBAs from the University of Colorado’s Leeds School of Business with a focus in entrepreneurship, Dave and Tim knew they wanted to be part of something more meaningful than their current corporate jobs could offer.  With decades of experience in consulting between them – most of that time having been spent with clients in the financial services industry – Tim and Dave decided to create an independent insurance agency.  As Tim puts it, “If done correctly, an insurance advisor is truly consulting clients regarding best practices for managing risk.  Product should come last.”

Before setting up the firm in 2013, Tim and Dave set out to climb Mt. Elbert.  Mt. Elbert is the highest mountain in Colorado and the second highest in the contiguous United States.  While the mountain stands at 14,440 ft., it is not a technically difficult mountain to summit.

After completing the climb, and while celebrating with a favorite local craft brew, Tim and Dave decided to name their company Peak47 – a nod to Mt. Elbert, and a symbol for anyone who has ever set a goal and then felt the sense of accomplishment that comes with achieving it.

Peak47 is the embodiment of the Work vs. Reward mindset that is required of anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit who strives to make a difference in their world.

Peak47 is the name and symbol of our company because it represents our desire to set high goals for ourselves in how we add value to our customers, and work everyday towards achieving those goals.