Our Approach

Peak47 acts and operates like a consulting firm – not an insurance agency.  As such, we do not focus on sales.  Instead, we focus on helping our clients solve their problems.  The means we focus not just on the overall customer experience – service, engagement, and keeping our clients business, but also the concerns and issues that are at the heart of why are clients need us.

Insurance, as a stand-alone product, is only as good as the product that is bought and the company and agency standing behind it.  However, when we start with the problems and exposures that exist in our clients’ businesses, we can utilize risk management and insurance to create a customized plan to solve for those problems.  As an independent insurance firm, we have access to a wide variety of insurance companies that we partner with.  This allows us to tailor an insurance and risk management plan that meets your needs in a cost-efficient way.

Of course, since we are a consulting firm, our initial assessment is rooted in analysis.  We don’t assume anything.  Just because something was on a client’s previous policy doesn’t mean it should be there, or it is there in the right amount.  We spend time to thoroughly analyze the unique situations that each of our clients is in.  That is the first and most important thing we can do for you.

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